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Cinque Terre: Via dell’Amore will soon reopen to the public

Cinque Terre: via dell'amore

Almost twelve years of waiting, with the last three spent reinforcing that cliffside with nets and anchors, the one that collapsed on a group of tourists in 2012; 24 million euros to restore to the world that glocal heritage with its ancient history and breathtaking views, but fragile ‘bones’. The Via dell’Amore, the historic path […]

Why don’t you come and visit 5 Terre at Christmas time?!

Presepe Manarola Cinque Terre Christmas

Each country has its own Christmas traditions. In Italy -in private houses, in the streets and squares of towns, in small shops and big shopping centres, generally anywhere – Christmas Cribs, called Presepi, are prepared together with Christmas Trees. Well, you can find the biggest Presepe in the World at Manarola! Its opening ceremony takes […]

Basil, a typical Italian ingredient used to prepare a lot of recipes!

Ice cream with basil, Cinque Terre - food tour

Cinque Terre is a worldwide known destination made up of five fishing villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza, visited by thousands of tourists for their gorgeous views but also for their tasty food every year. Pesto sauce, with its unforgettable flavor, cannot be missed during your holiday. Thanks to our daily experiences, you can […]

Cinque Terre National Park

National Park 5 Terre

A Nature Oasis, Unesco World Environmental and Cultural Heritage Cinque Terre National Park, which is part of the Unesco World Heritage, has environmental and cultural features, which are essential to safeguard: its coasts overhanging the sea with bays, inlets and small beaches, thousands of kilometers of dry-stone walls enclosing the terraces where vineyards are cultivated, […]