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Michelangelo and its secret room in Florence

Secret room Florence Michelangelo

In 1975, Paolo Dal Poggetto, a museum director in Florence, found a hidden room whose walls were covered in drawings believed to be the work of Michelangelo and his disciples. Although the drawings are not signed by the master, art experts say some of the sketches in charcoal and chalk are almost certain to be […]

New archeological discoveries at Pompeii

leda and the swan in Pompeii

Naples and its treasures at the feet of Vesuvio Mount One more extraordinary female image re-emerges at Pompeii during some new excavations. The myth of Leda and the swan has been discovered in a cubicle (bedroom) of a house along Via del Vesuvio. The painting, a triumph of sensuality, represents the physical union between Zeus, […]