Movies itinerary in Rome

Vacanze romane

An unusual way to visit the eternal city

Have you ever visited Rome?

The capital of Italy is well-known with several nicknames: “caput mundi” or “eternal city”, due to its incredible long history. The number of monuments and highlights you can admire is really huge!

In order to update our knowledge and our suppliers’, we often travel to Rome so that we can always offer you customized and top-level services! Our latest weekend spent there suggested us an unusual daily tour you can enjoy, if you love cinema!

Starting from Piazza di Spagna, you can plunge into the romantic atmosphere of Roman Holiday, the American romantic comedy dating back to 1953, directed and produced by William Wyler. In that movie, Gregory Peck is a reporter and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn is a royal princess who wants to visit Rome, incognito and on her own. We can rent an original Vespa for you so that you can identify yourselves in those characters and reach Bocca della Verità (Truth Mouth), in the site of ancient Forum Boarium (the ancient cattle market).

Then, if you want to spend an unforgettable night, you cannot miss visiting Trevi Fountain, where the most famous scene of La dolce vita (Sweet life), by the Italian director Federico Fellini, took place in 1960. The film follows Marcello Rubini (Marcello Mastroianni), a journalist writing for gossip magazines and in a fruitless pursuit of love and happiness, during his journey through the “sweet life” of Rome in seven days and nights. Marcello, infatuated with Sylvia, an American sexy movie star, first dances with her at the Baths of Caracalla and then they spend the rest of the night in the streets of Rome till they get to Trevi Fountain and dip in it all dressed.

The third stop we suggest you is based on a recent film: Angels & Demons, an American mystery horror thriller film, directed by Ron Howard in 2009, based on the homonymous  novel by Dan Brown. It is the sequel of Da Vinci Code (2006), still directed by Howard. Tom Hanks, as Professor Robert Langdon, is led to Vatican to solve several enigmas in order to defend the Roman Catholic Church. St. Peter’s Square, the Four Rivers Fountain and St. Angel Castle are the main stops you have to visit so as to remind the set of that movie!


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