Do you know what “urban trekking” means?

As can be understood from the definition of the two terms, the main difference between Hiking and Trekking is the intensity of the route and the lenghts of the activity; in fact the first term indicates a daily trip while the second refers to 2 or more days of activity.

Thanks to the variety of setting, we can distinguish: a mountain trekking,  a backpacking (travel with a backpack) and desert trekking and so on.

The term trekking was born in 1800 in South Africa, when the Dutch, defeated by the English, had to abandon their lands traveling through tortuous paths. Rediscovered as a sporting and social practice during the 1900s, the first national association in Italy was formed in Milan in 1985 and connotes “walking in nature”.

Few people know that there is also an “urban” variant of this discipline that combines sport, art, taste and the desire to discover the most hidden and curious corners of the city, through itineraries characterized by steep differences in ground level and stairways.

The urban trekking is a relatively young concept, formalized in recent times: born in 2003 in Siena as an initiative sponsored by the local Tourism Department.

Urban trekking is a practice that brings together the desire to discover the cultural, landscape and urban beauties of a city, it is a form of gentle sports ecotourism that can be practiced both in summer and in winter, both day and night !

The benefits are those of brisk walking, therefore the cardiovascular system is strengthened by removing the risks of hypertension and osteoporosis and defending oneself from stress and anxiety.

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