Discovering the modernity of Piero della Francesca in Arezzo

“We love travelling during the low season!”

It is the ideal time to enjoy the beauties of our Italy and have the opportunity to live unique and private experiences: in January we visited Arezzo and the wonderful Bacci Chapel inside the Saint Francis Church.

In 1447 Francesco Bacci commissioned the painter Bicci di Lorenzo to fresco the family chapel in the Franciscan church. The works began from the vault, but were interrupted by the artist’s death in 1452; for this reason the task was entrusted to Piero della Francesca, coming from the nearby Sansepolcro village. He frescoed, in two phases (from 1453 to 1464), the “Stories of the True Cross” on the apse walls, with the aim of telling the story about the holy Crucifix, found together with the crosses of the two thieves, brought back to Jerusalem and since that time venerated as a holy relic.

The continuous narration of the scenes, the daring perspectives and the exceptional chromatic range make entering this space a “face to face” meeting with a great artist of our Renaissance!

We upload some pictures, including this realistic portrait of a man with a blowpipe!