Happy birthday, Giuseppe!

Giuseppe Verdi

Remebering Giuseppe Verdi, his places and his music

10th October 1813 – 10th October 2018Today, 205 years ago one of the Italian flagships was born! We are speaking about Giuseppe Verdi, the so-called ‘bear of Busseto’. That nickname comes from Verdi’s unsociability as well as his birthplace. Hundreds of streets and squares in our country are named after him and many monuments portray him! The luxury outlet at Fidenza looks like a village dotted with buildings inspired by the venues described in his masterpieces: Falstaff, Macbeth, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Aida... Most of the Italians think of his famous aria “Va pensiero” in Nabucco as the unofficial national anthem. That’s why our e-commerce website could not miss to sell you two special private daily trips: Please request your customized opera tour, starting from Milan and finishing to Parma and its surroundings! It could include Alla Scala Opera Theatre and its museum in Milan, Roncole with Verdi’s native house, Busseto with the homonymous theatre, a private and exclusive concert at Casa Barezzi with special tastings included, according to the composer’s culinary passions and a meal at a very special museum-restaurant!info@bookyouritalyonline.com

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