Lifestyle in Bologna between the past and the future

Violin making, Bologna

Bologna is a living city, which knows how to combine its past and innovation.

If you plan a day trip of the city, you cannot miss a walk inside the area of the so-called “Quadrilateral”. Bordered by Dell’Archiginnasio Street, Rizzoli Street, Castiglione Street and Farini Street, it is the core of the ancient medieval crafts and commercial tradition with the same utilization still today.

The current toponymy and the signs of some shops, handed down from father to son, suggest that the main craft guilds of the city were located there.

Do not be surprised if you find inside some shops precious wooden boiseries, old fashioned pieces of furniture close to old houses with wooden shutters! That is the style of Bologna, which is flanked by modern galleries, including Galleria Cavour, with high fashion shops and international boutiques.
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