A painting by Monet in Pilotta, Parma

Claude Monet in Pilotta, Parma

One of the famous cliffs painted between 1882 and 1897 by Claude Monet, one of the most significant protagonists of Impressionism, will be exhibited from 15 June to 28 August in the Pilotta monumental complex, in collaboration with the Cariparma Foundation.

The admission is included in the Pilotta Museums ticket.

The canvas, presented up until now in Italy only once, in 2016, will be accompanied by critical texts that will illustrate the work, underlining its expressive characteristics which, moving progressively away from the immediacy of impressionistic rendering, approach abstract painting.
The painting depicts the stretch of the north coast of France on the English Channel from Dijon to Pourville to Varegenville, characterized by a long beach surrounded by high cliffs.

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