Fashion passes through Parma and Giuseppe Verdi

Foulard Gardoni Parma

Just because fashion is culture, so Parma is paying tribute to 2020 by the preview presentation of the GardoniRemix Creation dedicated to the Italian Capital of Culture in the core of the Italian fashion district.

On 16th September last, on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, the Gardoni sisters from Parma, Miriam, Teresa and Arianna, wanted to present their head scarf Parma2020, dedicated to the future Italian Capital of Culture, together with the GardoniRemix Collection with Gallia and Peter “Chapeau les Foulards”.

Their head scarf becomes an “art to be worn”, thanks to the pictorial production by their grandfather Vincenzo, and it has the great Opera tradition with Giuseppe Verdi and Teatro Regio as an icon in the foreground!

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