The secret of time at the Baths of Caracalla

The Secret of Time at Caracalla

A new part of the underground passages of the Baths of Caracalla opens to the public for the first time and on the occasion of the exhibition “The Secret of Time” by Fabrizio Plessi, a contemporary video artist.

A difficult project that, moreoever, let some ancient finds, once located there, return to that place. Plessi wanted to pay a debt to the Eternal City and its history with a new work situated along 200 meters of the basements of the Baths, hitherto unknown to visitors and opened after a hard work of consolidation and restoration. That is the sector under the exedra of the calidarium, the beating core of the plan and a unique example of the high technological level reached by the ancient Romans, now finally visible in the new path.

Twelve video installations that will focus on classic themes such as water and fire, linked with the history of the Baths and the figure of Caracalla as well.
The exhibition, set up by Alberto Fiz, lasts from June 18th to September 29th, 2019.
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